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For 16 years, an excellent team of professionals in their field has developed: arborists, gardeners. This allows us to carry out the whole range of works on the maintenance of green spaces, from inspection and planting to removal and disposal. We have established ourselves as reliable and qualified contractors who perform work on time and at a high level. We have all the necessary machinery and equipment to perform the work. There are many different reasons to prune a tree, the first being safety. Weather affected trees and dead branches fall often and should be removed to decrease liabilities. Another safety related reason to prune trees is to remove any visual traffic obstructions or low-hanging branches that people might walk into. Paint and even minor structural damage may occur from foliage and limbs rubbing, touching, or compromising a structures foundation. Also, insects and critters can use these as entry points and it may increase the occurrence of mosquitoes and insects in the environment. A counterintuitive lesson is that trees should be trimmed to boost their development, growth and structure. Healthy trees generally have good foliage density but their interior is not overcrowded. Fruit trees usually undergo structural pruning; this process results in helping them cope with the additional weight of the fruits that are produced.

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